Our Working Process

At Creative Falcons Studio, we’ve established a world-class production process that helps us create amazing video content. We follow a very collaborative approach, keeping the client informed amid the production of amazing videos.

We deliver usually in 4-6 weeks depending on the requirements of the project.
However, we are ready to work on customised timelines too.

Free Consultation

We offer an absolutely free consultation to you. You can book it on the Contact us Page of our website and select the Date and Time of your convenience. Then, we discuss your idea, the purpose of video creation, and your targeted audience on a quick call. 


We offer insights on the best way to create a video that delivers results based on our expertise. And finally, set clear goals and reasonable timelines. 

Script Preparation

To curate a successful Video, we first create a successful script and story. In this step, we lock in the video’s concept and create a script that captures the very essence of the video creation. The script makes sure the viewers connect to the video and take the desired action. 

Of course, if you want, you can also do it yourself. However, we would suggest to let us do it using our expertise and experience of years. 

Professional Studio Voice Over

Voiceover is the driving force behind your video. The tone must deliver the message right, and the audience must connect to it. You can choose the voice from our professional voice artist range in the desired language and accent! We also offer a wide range of background music. 

Designing Your Custom Storyboard

We offer you a visual of the script in the form of sketches customized to your script and brand. It shows you sketches with dialogue and action notes scene-by-scene and gives you an idea of how your video will turn.

And then, it will be further edited and polished based on your feedback until we perfectly meet the story’s direction. At last, we create style frames and make final illustrations ready for animation.


As we put our soul into our work, we create outstanding animation customized to your pre-approved storyboard that brings desired results. We will offer you the first draft of the video for feedback, and based on your inputs; we update the videos. We are here to deliver the best and are ready to go one extra mile for your success.

Happy Client with a superb Delivery

It takes some time to create the best, and we usually deliver the final video in 4 weeks. But it might vary from project to project. We provide high-quality work, usually in 4k or HD. But it also depends on the medium you are going to publish on. 

Whether it is Television or online channels, we deliver in all formats. You receive 100% ownership of the delivered work.

Check out our Portfolio to see some of our best works.

What makes us different?

We Hear You

In a world of speakers, we are the listeners.
Only after learning about your need and the goals of the project, we deliver.

Result-oriented Approach

We focus on accomplishing our clients’ goals.
And that’s why we follow a well-defined systematic approach to work.

Value for Money

Our team of talented designers and animators create videos within your defined budget to make the magic happen.

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Our Success Mantra

A Pinch of a Great Script, high-quality animation and lots and lots of dedication.


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