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Use engaging visuals to deliver your elevated message and establish credibility in 90 seconds.

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Skyrocket your conversion rates up to 80% by quickly delivering your value proposition through Animation.

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Use engaging creative storytelling to increase the time visitors time spend on your site by more than 50%

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Our versatile team at Creative Falcons Studio artfully brings stories to life.
And we proudly offer our phenomenal animation and video production services
that are customized to your unique scripts and storyboards.
All this makes us one of the best animation companies in Los Angeles

Our Clients

As an animation studios in la we work with small players, nascent startups and Fortune 500 big stars around the globe.

Services by our Animation studios in Los Angeles

2D and 3D Animation

We create high-quality 2D and 3D visuals that resonate with your audience on a personal level, connecting them to your message.

Product Videos

Whether pitching your latest products to investors or launching them on a grand scale, opt for our animation services.

Explainer Videos

Use our explainer videos to reduce the complexity of abstract concepts, and enhance the process of learning.

NFT Production and strategy

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Our mixed-media style videos combine real-life video content, with motion graphic animation. 

Corporate Videos

Make an impact by delivering your value proposition through corporate animation.

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Present your works at their absolute best.

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The Creative Falcons Studio Process

Step 1.

Free Consultation

We offer an absolutely free consultation to you. You can book it on the Contact Us Page of our website and choose the Date and Time of your convenience. After discussing your idea, the purpose of video creation, and your targeted audience, we set clear goals and reasonable timeliness. 

Step 2.

Script Preparation

To curate a successful Video, we start by creating a successful script and a story. In this step, we lock in the video’s concept and a script that captures the very essence of the video creation. And to make sure the viewers connect to the video and take the desired action. 

Step 3.

Professional Voice Over and Musical Backtrack

Voiceover is the heart of your video. And to reach the right audience in the right manner, a clear and effective tone must be used. We offer a wide range of background music and professional voice artists in multiple languages and accents that you can choose from.

Step 4.

Designing Your Custom Storyboard

We offer you a custom storyboard that shows the visual of your script in the form of sketches with dialogue and action notes scene-by-scene. It gives you an idea of how your video will turn. Based on your feedback, we further polish it.

Step 5.


As we put our soul into our work, we create outstanding animation customized to your pre-approved storyboard that brings desired results. We will offer you the first draft of the video for feedback, and based on your inputs; we update the videos. We are here to deliver the best and are ready to go one extra mile for your success.

Step 6.

Happy Client with a superb Delivery

As it takes some time to create the best, we usually deliver the final video in 4 weeks( depends on the project.)  Our offerings are high-quality work, usually in 4k or HD. But it also depends on the medium you are going to publish on. 

Whether it is Television or any online platform, we deliver 100% ownership in all formats to our Los Angeles Clients. 

Why Creative Falcons Studio for you Los Angeles Business?

We Hear You

In a world of speakers, we are the listeners.
Only after learning about your need and the goals of the project, we deliver.

Result-oriented Approach

We focus on accomplishing our clients’ goals.
And that’s why we follow a well-defined systematic approach to work.

Value for Money

Our team of talented designers and animators create videos within your defined budget to make the magic happen.

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    The Dog

    The emotional story of the stray dog trying to convey something very important to people. But society ignores all her attempts.
    • Strategy

      Animated Short film

    • Design

      Character and World Design

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    Cursed Swords Book

    A full-colour graphic novel that follows the journal perspective of a pirate in a mythical world.
    • Design

      Character Design, Storytelling

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    June 3, 2019

    The Preakness X Zed Run NFT Collection

    These limited edition digital collectibles bring the most iconic races in Preakness history to life in an all-new digital format.
    • Strategy

      NFT Strategy

    • Design

      NFT Production

    • Client

      The Preakness

    View Project
    June 3, 2019

    Axl The Axolotl

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
    • Design

      3d Animation

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